The Beauty of Our Benefits. Caring for the people of Hawaii.

For over 40 years, USAble Life has been providing specialized employee benefits. We recognize the significance of ancillary insurance and local service. Our team serving the Hawaii region resides in Hawaii, which emphasizes our local presence and commitment to serving our customers. Our dedication to customer service has had a positive impact on the people of Hawaii for many years. 

Local Expertise

USAble Life's local presence and dedication to servicing our customers has positively impacted the people of Hawaii for decades. We’re pleased to provide insurance plans that offer health, wellness, and financial security.


Plans for Employers and Individuals

At USAble Life, we offer a comprehensive suite of insurance products from TDI to Critical Illness. We’re able to offer a variety of options to help ensure an added peace of mind in an unexpected crisis.


Ease of Online Service

With USAble Life’s Temporary Disability Insurance, benefits administration is made easier with online features such as billing and payment, claims status view, and claims submission.


Protecting Hawaii’s Workers with Temporary Disability Insurance

Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) is a state mandated benefit designed to provide partial wage replacement to workers who are unable to work due to a non-work-related injury, illness, or pregnancy-related condition. The program aims to offer a reliable source of income during the individual’s recovery period, while they are unable to work. Hawaii TDI offers temporary benefits helping individuals navigate through temporary disabilities with some degree of financial security.

TDI | 2023 TDI Statutory Plan Benefits

The statutory plan provides benefits according to the minimum benefit standards as required by law. The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations determines the maximum weekly wage base. For 2023:

The maximum weekly wage base is $1,318.48. If the employee earns more, the amount in excess won’t be used to calculate benefits.

Employees are entitled to TDI benefits at 58% of their average weekly wage up to a maximum of $765 per week2 (58% of 1,318.48 = 765).

Benefits are payable from the eighth day of disability for a maximum of 26 weeks.

TDI | Online Capabilities for Administrative Ease

Billing and payment

Claims submission for employer and employee

View of claims and benefit payment status (for HR administrators)

TDI | Local Service and Claim Management

TDI claims are processed in our downtown Honolulu office. Our local customer relations team is available to answer your questions.

We maintain contact with the employer and physician while the employee is disabled and reach out to every TDI claimant by mail and phone.

For employer compliance, we notify the Hawaii Department of Labor when policies are issued.

Preparation of W-2 for TDI payments is offered at no additional charge.

TDI Brochure  |  Employer - English

TDI FAQ  |  Employee - English

Products  |  Life & Disability

Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Essential benefits with complementary global travel assistance and end-of-life planning

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Employee - English

Value-added Services
Travel Assistance
Travel Assistance FAQ
Travel Eye
Funeral Planning ​​​​​Services
Identity Theft Assistance
Beneficiary Assistance


Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability insurance protection for employees with longer disability needs

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Employee - English

Value-added Services
EAP Work-life Services
EAP Online

Products  |  Supplemental

Group and Individual Accident Insurance

Multiple plans to help ease the financial stress of an unexpected injury

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Group and Individual Critical Illness Insurance

Pays employees lump sum cash benefits to help recover from a serious illness

Employer/Employee - English

Group and Individual Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Cash benefits to help cover the increasing costs of hospital stays

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