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Teaming up to Optimize Web Experiences

Valicia is a name you’ll sometimes hear USAble’s business automation and web teams mention when developing or enhancing a website or application. Valicia isn’t one person — it’s the nickname given to the dynamic duo of Val Adams and Alicia Hrdlicka. The two business systems analysts are adept at ensuring that new or enhanced website features are…

A Lucky Break for Our Customers’ Online Experience

Testing is Jessica Goeman’s superpower. This means she’s really good at breaking things. And that’s a good thing for our customers. Much like automakers crash their cars to determine the safety of their vehicles, web business systems analysts like Jessica often employ a “test to break” software testing approach. This involves deliberately inputting…

A Commitment to a Higher Level of Service and Quality

“I strive to ensure our internal and external customers receive the highest level of service,” says Rebecca Lester, manager, training and quality assurance. Since joining USAble Life last year, Rebecca has helped do just that by creating training solutions that empower our customer care associates and operations teams to effectively meet our…