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A Commitment to a Higher Level of Service and Quality

“I strive to ensure our internal and external customers receive the highest level of service,” says Rebecca Lester, manager, training and quality assurance. Since joining USAble Life last year, Rebecca has helped do just that by creating training solutions that empower our customer care associates and operations teams to effectively meet our customers’ immediate needs and anticipate potential future challenges.

In addition to streamlining and enhancing quality audits, as well as new hire, upscaling, and refresher training, Rebecca led the service project and process and customer care teams through the development and launch of the operations team’s new knowledge management software tool, which ensures that our customer care associates can provide callers with accurate information with just a few clicks of a mouse.

“Since joining the team, Rebecca has excelled at building camaraderie and expertise across teams through engaging, informative training sessions that encourage continued collaboration in support of our customers,” says Sara Pollock, director, service project and process.

“I’m a passionate advocate for our company’s mission and values, and I care about our company’s reputation and success,” says Rebecca. “That’s why I’m committed to seeking opportunities that promote positive change within and beyond our organization.”