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Customer Satisfaction is All in a Day’s Work

The path to customer satisfaction and loyalty is paved by treating customers with respect, kindness, and empathy. Since joining USAble Life, Darrice Edwards, customer care associate, has successfully paved that path and helped enhance USAble’s reputation for exceptional customer service.

In addition to assisting our customers, Darrice makes a meaningful difference in the peer-to-peer coaching program recently implemented by the customer care department. He makes time to coach his teammates on how to handle difficult callers or situations and emphasizes actively listening to customers. His commitment to fostering a collaborative learning environment and providing valuable insights significantly contributes to the program’s success.

“Darrice is the epitome of a customer care advocate,” says Chantel Moore-Johnson, supervisor, customer care center. “He consistently goes above and beyond for our customers and his teammates. Darrice doesn’t just answer our customers’ questions; he tries to understand their core needs. He approaches every call and interaction as a chance to make a meaningful difference in someone’s day.

”Since the department introduced customer satisfaction surveys last June, Darrice has consistently earned top scores for knowledge and helpfulness. The many emails Chantel receives from customers support those scores. “Darrice was a pleasure to talk to,” one customer recently wrote. “He answered all my questions with confidence, and he was so patient throughout the process. I wish I had someone like him to help with other areas of my life.”

“I’ve seen almost everything that life has to offer, so I understand a lot of the situations people share on calls,” says Darrice. “I just try to treat them like I want to be treated. Callers are more likely to become irate if they feel misunderstood or mistreated. I try to give them my undivided attention and focus on the details. Little things like not having them repeat their name are important.

”Along with having a helpful and friendly nature, good listening skills, and being adept at problem-solving, standout customer care associates like Darrice also embody USAble’s core values: They exceed expectations every day, are experts at their jobs, live our service heritage, and are great teammates.