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Delivering Top-tier Support to Our Large Group Customers


As the primary point of contact for our largest life and disability group accounts, Misty Philpott, senior director, strategic account executive, is responsible for ensuring that these groups receive the highest quality of service. She’s excelled in her role because of her exceptional communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. She also understands the needs of our company, the industry, and her groups.

That understanding recently translated into the key role she played in driving the successful implementation of USAble Life’s new Concierge Service for our large group accounts. This “white glove” service provides these groups with a dedicated email for their HR team to contact with questions, a designated toll-free number, and customer care representatives assigned to offer assistance.

“We created the Concierge Service model to elevate the level of service provided to our large group accounts,” Misty says. “It aligns with our commitment to exceed expectations and shows them that they are valued, understood, and treated as a priority.

”Misty’s career path made her a natural for her current role. She joined USAble Life 15 years ago as a business analyst, where she initially collaborated with our systems teams, leading the automation team of business analysts. She eventually transitioned into the service organization, assuming the responsibility of managing the call center and our team of regional service managers.

“My experience in operations and systems allowed me to dive deeper into the inner workings of our company and our partners and gain a better understanding of the needs of both,” says Misty.

“Misty is an expert at marshaling the resources necessary to ensure our groups are taken care of,” says Steve Valenti, USAble Life’s chief revenue officer. “She’s been adept at anticipating and meeting their needs and serving as our ear to the ground about industry trends that can potentially impact our footprint in the marketplace.

”Misty is quick to share credit with her USAble Life colleagues. “If we didn’t have the caring and helpful staff we have internally, I couldn’t be successful in this role,” she says. “It truly does take great teammates who are experts at their jobs to make a meaningful difference.”