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Little Things We Do Can Have a Big Impact

As we celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month, the importance of proactively securing the protection this coverage provides is reinforced by our experiences with our customers. And often, the little things we do have the greatest impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers.

That was certainly the case not too long ago when a life insurance policyholder who had just retired was put in touch with Shane Loftis, USAble Life’s director of group and member services. At the time, she was unaware of all options available to continue her benefits. She knew the window of opportunity to choose was limited, so she submitted paperwork and the premium for conversion. Shane took the time to explain each option available to her, and after doing so, she decided that portability was the better option. She was very grateful for Shane’s help setting up the new policy. 

Months later, Shane received a call from the policyholder’s husband, informing him that his wife had passed away. She’d instructed him to call Shane to help with the claim. 

“I was so sorry to hear of her passing,” says Shane. “I enjoyed working with her and told her husband that I would walk him through each step of the process. I set up his claim, told him what documents I needed, partnered with the claims team through the approval process, and verified he received the payment.”

Shane’s efforts and guidance made a huge impression on the policyholder’s grieving husband, and he conveyed his gratitude in several emails. “Thank you for the follow-up and your ongoing involvement,” he says in one. “It’s nice to know that there’s a steady hand on the wheel.” In another, he says, “Thank you for working with [my wife] and me to make a difficult process easier. You are terrific and a real credit to USAble Life.”

Shane’s experience with this policyholder and her husband is not unique. At USAble Life, we know that what we consider to be “all in a day’s work” very often has a positive ripple effect on the lives of our customers.