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Professional Experience That Enriches Client Experience


When group administrators or brokers speak with Suzanne Wisnoski, they know they’re talking to someone who’s been in their shoes. That knowledge and understanding pay valuable dividends to both USAble Life and the groups and brokers Suzanne supports.

Suzanne joined USAble last year as regional service manager for North Carolina. “I’d been in the industry a long time and wanted to use my customer service skills in a different way,” she explains. “I knew that USAble was a reputable, honest, dependable company and that they were easy for brokers to work with. I’ve been an account manager and an office manager, so I know what their lives are like. If I can impart some wisdom or make suggestions that can help our clients in the long run, I try to go the extra mile to help them.”

One such instance was when a group realized they needed to adjust their automatic draft and EDI file feed. “They had never done an audit,” says Suzanne. “It took me four months, but we fixed every single issue. The broker and the group were grateful that everything was fixed in time for their next open enrollment.”

“Suzanne has been a wonderful addition to our team,” says Malecia Yancy, manager, partner services. “She responds to client requests and educates them on the next steps and additional options for servicing our groups and members. She’s also applied her extensive experience and skills to help her teammates resolve issues.”

The feeling is mutual. “I have an inspiring manager who always supports and guides me,” says Suzanne. “The company’s culture fosters growth and excellence. I’m proud to work for USAble.”