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Strong Relationships Plus Teamwork Equal a Successful Transition


For over a year, a cross section of USAble Life teammates has worked together to migrate LifeMap Assurance Company® groups to USAble. The transition is succeeding because all involved work together and have grown to trust and depend on each other.

Good relationships with our brokers are also essential. That’s why our account executives play an important role in the transition. They have to understand and be able to speak to the USAble-LifeMap partnership, the contracts, processes, rates, and provision differences. Kristin Todd, USAble’s lead account executive in the Northwest region, is one of our teammates at the forefront of this effort. As a key member of the Northwest team for almost seven years, Kristin has built trust and strong relationships with brokers, groups, internal operations teams, and partners. She’s been directly involved with the transition of large groups from LifeMap to USAble.

“Our business is built on relationships,” says Kristin. “We know these people. We live and work where they live and work. My brokers know that I will always strive to do the right thing. I was impressed by the extent to which USAble was willing to meet the market’s needs. To be able to go to my brokers and say, ‘hey, they’re going to listen,’ has helped me succeed.”

“Kristin’s professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, and innovative thinking have resulted in our groups and brokers having a positive transition experience,” says Annie Cooper, manager, account management. “It takes so many individuals and departments to achieve a successful transition; however, we may not have had the opportunity without the hours and work she has put in our markets.”

“The transition team has been so critical in building our confidence when we spoke to our brokers,” says Kristin. “Tim Pride [manager, group services] and his team were amazing. It was nice to know that when I met with my brokers, I had a reliable team behind me.”

The transition teams that worked behind the scenes to help our customers and brokers through this process all have something in common with Kristin. They succeeded by applying USAble’s four values: living our service heritage, exceeding expectations, being a great teammate, and being an expert at the job.